The Living Dead: How to Break Out of Your Bondage & Bring Your Potential Back to Life


We’re stuck in a zombie-like existence where the life that’s within us is seen in the desire and ability to do and be more, but the death within us is seen in the way we oppose ourselves. Discover a simple, but powerful way to break out of it!

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The Brilliance of Being Bold


If you move in the face of risk, the payoff can be great; and if your bold action creates such great gain, then that in itself is brilliance on display. In an era when too many are held back by fear and laziness, the genius is the one who progresses into greater and greater gain.

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How to Train Your Mind to Slay Your Negativity


The single most important thing you can do right now to immediately change your life is to seize the control and direction of your thoughts. If you want to experience something radically different, then dominating your mind must become your priority—right now!

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Every Day is Your Second Chance


You are the one who’s excusing yourself every day from going after what you claim you want. Remember all those things you said you would do if you just had the time or the money? Well, guess what? The time and the money AIN’T coming, so do you really mean what you say?

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Take Hold of the Flame: Finding the Way Out of Your Darkness


For a lot of us, we’re “living at dusk” where we can’t tell if the day is dawning or the night is coming. We’re stuck in between, and we go nowhere. But residing deep within you is a flame that still burns, and it’s time to take up that torch and leave your dark season.

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The One Fear We All Share and Why You Must Defeat It!


The basic fear in all of us is the fear of each other, and our most common worry is the worrying of what others think of who we are and what we do. Click to discover a powerful revelation on stopping the FALSE way of measuring your personal value. This will set you free!

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Dare to Pursue Your Dreams


Like the explorer, new lands beckon you with a haunting whisper—a dare to leave what’s familiar in order to reach a new world made up of your dreams. Yet, for every voyager who sets sail, there are thousands who gulp their fears because they have no stomach for risk.

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The Greatest Injustice is the Way We Punish Ourselves


The greatest enemy is the one we can become to ourselves, and the greatest injustice is the way we punish ourselves. Despite our abilities and passions, we refuse to allow ourselves to pursue the life we claim we want because of guilt and self-condemnation. It’s time to break free of this!

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The Forging of a Metal Motivator: How I Went from Nothing to Center Stage

Metal Motivators

You must develop your skills. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mother, or someone rising in the corporate ranks, you must continually give yourself “believable” reasons to see yourself in a better way. By developing your abilities, you’re giving yourself the most tangible reasons to feel kick ass about YOU!

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3 Powerful Mind Tricks to Defeat Discouragement and Get You Back on Track to Achieving Your Goals


When we’re defeated in life, it’s only because we’re defeated first in our minds. Discover 3 effective methods you can start using today to dominate your mind and start living the life you want!

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