Trying to Make Sense Out of Evil


How do we make sense out of suffering? How do we make sense when the innocent die? How do we make sense out of evil? People want to make laws, but laws change nothing. There’s something we can all do instead—at least for now.

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Is Life Judging You or Daring You


Instead of looking at life’s resistance as evidence that life is judging you, try seeing it as more of a dare. Life has treasures, but it won’t give them up easily. It’s as if life is daring you to come try to take what’s yours!

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Are We Really That Lazy?


People are looking for secrets and shortcuts when it comes to fixing their finances, getting in shape, succeeding in their career, or restoring a relationship. That’s why teachings like the law of attraction (a.k.a., “The Secret”) or “think and grow rich” are so popular. They appear to offer an easier way.

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It’s Time to Get Pissed Off and Productive


How much is your life really worth to you? Are you willing to donate another day of your precious life to bullsh*t, or do you value your life enough to get pissed off and productive?

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5 Ways to Kill Off What’s Holding You Back


Sacrifice is giving yourself for yourself—killing off what you are to become what you can be! Discover five effective ways to rid yourself of the mindset and lifestyle that’s holding you back from living your best life.

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The 3 Things I Work On to Keep Myself at 100%

3 Things

I’ve always tried to live with a FIRE in my spirit that could be seen in my eyes, and I wanted the words of my mouth to be intentional, powerful, and direct. My objective was to be a flame amongst the dry grass, so I could set others ablaze. And despite growing up with a…

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The Secret of Your Future is Hidden in Your Daily Routine


Whether financially, relationally, physically, psychologically, emotionally, or vocationally, it’s what we allowed, neglected, or did in our daily routine that created the mess(es) we’re in.

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Why You Shouldn’t Quit


Quitting breeds regret, and regret is a disappointment in yourself. The relief you’re seeking by quitting will only create a lifetime of regret that you’ll never be able to quit.

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How to Create a Strong Mind


Strong people have strong minds, and a strong mind is what separates those who succeed from those who fail. Discover five ways to create a stronger mind.

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This is Why Things Aren’t “Working Out” for You


Your life isn’t working itself out, because the life you truly want doesn’t work itself out. The life you don’t want is the life that works itself out. You work out the life you want by continual action in the face of life’s resistance.

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