New Podcast Series for April 25-29, “Wisdom: The Key to Controlling Your Life”

There are numerous definitions for wisdom such as soundness of mind, having experience, or good judgment. These are all included in the concept of wisdom, but they fall short in the most important aspect of wisdom: action. And without action, your failure is guaranteed!

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New Podcast Series for April 18-22, “Tormented: Escaping Your Living Hell”

One of the more difficult things to contend with is a tormented mind. Whether anxiety, stress, depression, insecurity, or confusion, a person can exist in their own living hell while the rest of the world goes on without a clue.

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Q & A with C. J. – How to Get Motivated in the Morning

Create the new habit of morning domination!

“Hey CJ, I lack motivation in the morning, and it takes me too long to get up and active. That ‘lazy bastard’ controls my life in the mornings! Do you have any tips to break the habit?”

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New Daily Screams Series for the Week of April 11-15: “Metal Up! Personal Strength in a Messed Up World”

The world has changed, but it hasn’t all been for the better. I love all that technology, industry, and the free flow of information have provided, but with it, we’ve managed to produce a weaker people—a world with too many whiners. That’s what this new Daily Screams series is about.

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Watch the 5-part Series “Armed & Dangerous: Preparing Yourself for Success”

The first videocast of the Daily Screams for Living Aggressively is complete. Now, you can watch all five episodes on the YouTube playlist (See below). Be sure to share Metal Motivation with someone else today!

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Daily Screams Podcast Launches Video Version

Daily Screams Podcast to also be a "videocast"

Starting Monday, April 4, 2011, there will be a video version of the Daily Screams Podcast for all those on YouTube—and for those who simply prefer video. I’ll be filming each of the audio recordings from my home studio and posting them each day along with the audio version.

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Ambition Without Wisdom Is Like Growing Without Roots

If you keep uprooting yourself, you'll never be established

Roots and foundations are hidden, but without them, nothing would stand. Those who live solely by ambition focus only on what’s seen, so they’re constantly moving the plant around to different patches of soil—this is why their achievements are small, short lived, or insignificant. Stay planted!

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Couch Potato Critics and Do-Nothing Experts


The fear of failure is an insidious evil that paralyzes too many otherwise talented and creative people from ever attempting to go “public” with their life goals, because they fear the embarrassment, exposure, or humiliation they think will come once someone else criticizes them.

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The Hard Way is the Only Way


Life is actually quite simple. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t improve your skills, you end up getting booted out of the job market. If you don’t practice your instrument, you don’t get to play on stage. If you act like jack ass, your relationships suffer. There’s no magic to it at all.

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Leave Nothing Up to Chance

Your future cannot be divined—you must determine it!

Your future is not written in stone, and no prophet, or diviner, can tell you what the cards hold for you. This is all magical thinking that leads a lot of otherwise smart people into perpetual guesswork about how their future will turn out. Life planning cannot be determined by fortune cookies and horoscopes. You—and you alone—are the one who will decide what you will do and how far you will go.

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