Power Outage: Keeping Your Personal Power Going Through Life’s Storms

Power Outage WordPress

Losing power to your house will shut you down. The same is true for you personally when you have little or no personal power. It becomes difficult to perform your daily routine, and trying to achieve any goal beyond survival is out of the question. Here’s how to keep your power on during life’s more challenging seasons.

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Plague of Blood: Purifying What Flows Through the Veins of Your Life

Plague of Blood WordPress

What is pumping through your very heart—the power center of your inner self—is what determines your life experience. What flows through your psychological bloodstream is what creates the actual circumstances of your life. Rid yourself of the diseased blood and receive the life transformation of new blood!

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Don’t Stress Over Being Organized


If you get into a situation where you’re overextending yourself, you’ll create an unnecessary strain that will war against your productivity. Being “super organized” is stressful to me, so I’m willing to live with certain drawbacks in order to do things my way.

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Success Takes Relentless Bombardment


When an army marches for 14 days straight, they are consistent. When an enemy bombards you with a battery of howitzers for 14 days, that’s relentless. If you’re going to truly dominate in any area of your life, business, or career, you’re going to have to be relentless.

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Do It the Hard Way!


I’ve said it before. People are looking for a short cut when it comes to personal change, life achievement, or any major transformation in their lives. If they can slap some leftovers in the microwave, hit a button, and have hot food in one minute, then why in the hell can’t they obtain riches by visualization, or get a desperately needed job by sending that TV preacher one hundred bucks?

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When people come to Metal Motivation for the first time, they expect something a little different than what they find. Most people, upon first hearing about it, wonder if it’s some sort of joke. Others anticipate they’ll get screaming and profanity. It’s neither. Metal Motivation is serious, and I don’t need to resort to screaming and profanity to get my message across.

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How to Break the Power of Procrastination

Do you work better under pressure?

The pressure of the deadline is what creates the force that drives out all excuses from your mind and finally lights the fire under your ass. Without the pressure of the immediate deadline, your mind entertains a thousand excuses for why you’re not doing what you should be. Once the long delayed deadline arrives, you’re now under too much pressure to think of excuses. You’re finally getting it done.

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Wanna write books? Part 1 of my interview with self-publishing guru, Sue Collier

Have you always wanted to write a book? The time has never been better to self-publish. In the era of social media, print-on-demand technology, Amazon, and blogging, you can now reach an audience without the problems of trying to find a traditional publisher. But you have to learn the ropes, and Sue Collier is the guru to teach you.

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New Podcast Series for May 9-13, “Domination: Making Life Work for You”

Life has a way of working—just like a cell phone. The goal is to make you aware of the principles that govern it, so that you can begin to “work life.” The point is that must see yourself as in the dominant position when it comes to your life. Life shouldn’t be something that just happens to you. Life is something that you make happen once you know what life responds to.

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New Podcast Series for May 2-6, “Blood Road: The Real Path to Achievement”

Life is simple, but it’s hard work, and people look for magical answers because they want the easy way of short cuts. Some people do win the lottery, but that’s a huge risk to take when we’re talking about your life. It’s better to use wisdom and the proven principles of achievement. But this is taking the hard way because this requires work, planning, strategy, consistency, self-discipline, etc.

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