Iron Blood: The Warrior’s Way to Personal Strength
Giant Killer: How Big Goals Get Taken Down!
Dispelling the Darkness of Fear, Part 1


C. J.’s “Metalosophy” purges the unproven and useless elements found in most personal achievement systems—the type of pop-psychology of the late night infomercial gurus that the Metal Motivator refers to as “all think, no action.” Instead, Metal Motivation begins with the proven life shaping system used by the military where the pain of the past is not pandered to but rather converted into personal power to create a better future for the individual: The ‘Oprah windbags’ like to blow powerless sunshine up everyone’s backside, while the military turns the ‘average Joe’ into a conquering warrior in six weeks!” Like heavy metal itself, Metal Motivation is simple, straightforward, and uncompromising.

At Metal Motivation, you won’t find “The Secret,” laws of attraction, personal manifestation, think and grow rich, or mind over matter. As C. J. likes to say, “That’s all magical thinking that cannot be proven to work for all people, in all situations, at all times, but it does make the false prophets of self-help a great deal of money.” For C. J., his Metalosophy is simple, “There’s no such thing as ‘mind over matter’—only mind over your own lazy ass.”

In addition, Metal Motivation covers elements not found in other self-centered philosophies of success. With solid grounding in history, philosophy, religion/spirituality, economics, sociology, and psychology, the Metal Motivator re-introduces the life principles that originally created the best of Western Civilization—e.g., innovation, industry, technology, liberty, self-government—but presents them in a way that will revolutionize the lives of those whose only input has been public education, television, and pop culture.

Through every creative means at his disposal, the Metal Motivator is working to become a prominent voice for “old school” skillful living. His videos, podcasts, and articles are a perfect fit for anyone looking to maximize their life.

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