Keep It In the Family Podcast: Ep. 03 on Millennials, Spiritualism & The New Generation Gap

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A recent article claimed that “Millennials” are more interested in someone’s astrological sign than they are what they do for a living. In fact, more and more millennials are turning to spiritualism—although not organized religion—which creates an interesting phenomenon of people living at the height of technological advancement while being drawn to ancient esoteric practices.

Why are millennials focused on spiritualism? Is there something missing in their lives they want to fulfill? And what does this say about their parent’s generation—Generation X?

Also, is there a new Generation Gap? You might think so when you consider all the criticism being leveled at millennials by gen-xers and baby boomers. But are these criticisms justified?

That’s what I’m discussing with Joe and Christina in this episode. They are millennials, and I’m Generation X. This should be interesting! Listen in.

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