Follow Your Head & Your Heart (Video)


How many times have you heard people say, “Just follow your heart?” It’s probably in the top ten of the most common pieces of advice that people give. For me, it’s not any more helpful than having someone try to comfort me with, “It’ll all work out.” It will? No, what will get worked out is something I don’t want!

Your heart is the seat of emotions, and emotions are the most fickle part of our make up. Anger, sadness, love, happiness and so on will come and go with the slightest change in our circumstances, and THAT is anything BUT dependable!

Follow your heart? You better balance that out with following your head, because the mind is that part of you that’s connected to the unchanging, dependable laws of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It’s good to be touched by emotion, but it’s your mind that keeps that in check.

This is what I’m covering this week in my Life Domination Private Coaching Group. As always, I show the first episode of each week’s 5-message series on my website. Take a few moments right now to watch it. You’ll be inspired and empowered!

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