The United States Declaration of Independence states,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

For these early Americans, the pursuit of happiness was rooted in their newly found independence. In other words, the final breaking away from England meant they were free to pursue of life of their own making.

Fast forward to today, and the situation is much different. We all grew up in a free world. We have an abundance of opportunities and the freedom to pursue them. So, why aren’t people happy?

The early Americans fought a battle to be able to pursue happiness. For us, we’re just in a battle for happiness. We’re swimming in an abundance of modern technology, modern housing, modern transportation, ease of communication, plenty of entertainment, and millions of ways to make money. Still, we are unhappy.


Gaining by Losing

So, what is our problem? Initially, it’s a misplaced focus on how happiness is achieved. We think happiness is the result of something owned, someone we’re with, or a status we possess. The truth, however, is that happiness does not come from the outside. The fact of the matter is that happiness is the not result of something we gain.

It’s not what you gain in life that brings you fulfillment. It’s something that you lose. It’s not something that is added to you that brings you satisfaction. It’s something that you release. The secret to a gratifying life is found by destroying what you were in order to manifest what you’ve always had the potential to be.

The reason why we’re not happy lies within us, not outside of us. We already have the full capacity to be happy in whatever situation we’re in, which is why a rich person can be depressed while a poor person can be joyful. It has nothing to do with circumstances.

How to Win the Battle for Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is more like a battle for happiness, and that’s what I’m sharing this week in my new 5-message series, The Battle for Happiness. Here’s what we’re covering:

Episode 1: We Already Have Happiness

Episode 2: Gaining by Losing

Episode 3: Ridding Ourself of the Past

Episode 4: Meeting Your Other Self

Episode 5: The Battle for Happiness

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C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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